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Frequently Asked Questions on Cowrywise

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How referral bonuses work on Cowrywise
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How to create an account on Cowrywise?
Who are our Payment Partners?
Can I fund my savings/investments without a debit card?
What are Badges and what do they mean
Got concerns about your BVN?
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What is Stash?
Incorrect PIN?
How to generate your investment confirmation letter
FAQ on Cowrywise
Login issues
How much interest is offered?
Getting Started on Cowrywise
Cowrywise not BRT company
Why you should have an emergency plan on Cowrywise.
Unable to verify BVN (invalid BVN added)
All about processing fees attached to emergency plans and mutual fund investments
Restore a deleted account
Stash withdrawal fee
How to unsubscribe from our mail
3rd party BVN added
Updated minimum amount to save/invest on Cowrywise.
Forgotten email address
Paused 'transfer to another Cowrywise user' option
How to change your account/profile name on Cowrywise
Is your BVN linked to another Cowrywise account?
How to disable your Cowrywise account
How to delete your Cowrywise account
How to change the email address linked to your Cowrywise account.
How safe are your funds in Cowrywise
How to contact Cowrywise
Sprout by Cowrywise
How to reduce the maturity date of your savings plan
Can I increase my savings amount after creating a plan?
What bank can I use to receive my funds on Cowrywise?
What happens if my automated savings fail?
Can I withdraw my savings after meeting my target?
How to calculate your interest
How to Save and Invest Via Bank Transfer
Life Goals on Cowrywise
Investing Via Bank Transfer Payment Method
Topping Up Savings and Investment Plan Via Bank Transfer
Payment methods on Cowrywise