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Is your BVN linked to another Cowrywise account?
Is your BVN linked to another Cowrywise account?
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Did you receive this error response when you tried to add your BVN to your Cowrywise account?

This means your BVN is already linked to a Cowrywise account.

Firstly, confirm whether you have another Cowrywise account by verifying if any other email addresses are associated with the platform. If you do have another account, kindly share the email address linked to that specific account. In case you are uncertain, provide any additional email addresses associated with Cowrywise to assist the support team in identifying the conflicting account.

Once you have confirmed the email address linked to your previous Cowrywise account, please send an email to from the account where your BVN has not been added. Make sure to copy (cc) the email address linked to the account that already has your BVN added. Here's something like what you will see when you want to copy a mail

In your email, clearly state your request for resolving the BVN conflict.

To facilitate a swift resolution, attach the following documents to the email you send:

  • A scanned copy or clear photograph of your government-issued ID card (such as NIN slip, Voter's card, Driver's license, or International passport).

  • A recent selfie of yourself holding your ID card, clearly showing your face and the ID details.

  • A selfie of yourself holding a sheet of paper with today's date written on it.

  • Another selfie of yourself holding the debit card that you used to fund the account where your BVN is not added. Ensure that you cover the middle digits for security purposes, but make sure the first six digits and last four digits are visible.

Rest assured that the Cowrywise support team is committed to resolving this matter and is eagerly looking forward to assisting you.

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