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Having a date of birth error on your Cowrywise account?
Having a date of birth error on your Cowrywise account?
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Are you encountering an 'incorrect date of birth' error when attempting to add your BVN to your Cowrywise account?

This error indicates when there is a discrepancy between the date of birth you entered while signing up on Cowrywise and the registered date of birth on your BVN. This discrepancy can prevent the successful addition of your BVN to your Cowrywise account and may require further action to resolve.

To rectify the date of birth mismatch, we recommend reaching out to your bank to request a BVN enrolment slip. The enrolment slip contains the accurate and registered date of birth associated with your BVN. By obtaining this document, you can ensure that the correct date of birth is entered during the BVN verification process on Cowrywise.

If visiting your bank to obtain the BVN enrolment slip is inconvenient or not feasible, we have an alternative verification process in place. To assist you further, we kindly request the following information for verification purposes:

  1. A government-issued ID: This can be your NIN (National Identification Number), driver's license, international passport, or voter's card. Please ensure that the ID is valid and not expired.

  2. A selfie of you holding the same ID: This selfie serves as an additional verification measure to confirm your identity.

  3. A selfie of you holding a sheet of paper with today's date written on it: This selfie, along with the current date displayed on the paper, helps validate the authenticity of the verification process

Taking these steps and providing the requested information will enable us to assist you further in resolving the date of birth mismatch and completing the BVN verification on Cowrywise.

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