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How to Save and Invest Via Bank Transfer
How to Save and Invest Via Bank Transfer

How to save and invest though a bank transfer payment method without the use of a debit card

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Have no active card? No worries. The bank transfer payment option enables you to fund your savings and investment plans without using a debit card.

  • Tap on "Top up +" on your home page underneath your Total Balance

  • Tap on the applicable options; Savings, Naira investments or Dollar investments

  • Choose the savings or investment plan you want to top up or create a new plan to top up

  • Select the amount you want to top up

  • Choose "Bank Transfer" as the payment method

  • Tap on "Pay amount" and copy the account number generated for you to top up with

  • Make the transfer from your bank app or via USSD to the generated account number within 60 minutes

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