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Saving Via Bank Transfer Without a Debit Card
Saving Via Bank Transfer Without a Debit Card

How to save via bank transfer without the use of your debit card

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The bank transfer payment method enables you to save and invest on Cowrywise without the use of a debit card.

To create a savings plan without a debit card, here are the steps to follow;

  • On your home page, click on “Save

  • Select “Create a new plan

  • Select the “Regular savings plan

  • Choose to save “Just this once

  • Follow through with the instructions to choose the plan preferences

  • Once you select how long you want to save for, you’d see the options to use a card or bank transfer

  • Select “Bank Transfer

  • Select “Generate Account” to get the account number to pay into

Follow the process to complete creating the plan.

NB; The generated account number is to be transferred into within 60 minutes.

Once that is done you can thereafter top up your savings plan via bank transfers.

Here’s how to fund your existing savings plans via bank transfer:

  • On the home page, click on "Top Up"

  • Follow the steps to select the destination

  • Choose your preferred amount

  • Select the bank transfer option. A bank account number will be generated for you to transfer to

  • Copy it out and make the transfer to it from your bank mobile app or using your bank USSD transfer code

  • After making the transfer, click on “I have paid” to confirm the payment.

Ensure to transfer the exact amount within the stated time frame

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