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Why you weren’t debited for your automated savings.
Why you weren’t debited for your automated savings.
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At Cowrywise, we strive to provide a seamless savings experience for our users. If you have been encountering intermittent errors when attempting to save with your card on Cowrywise, we apologize for the inconvenience caused. It is likely that these errors have been triggered by intermittent issues with the bank's authorization process. This has likely affected the automated deduction of funds into your savings plans too.

In order to address this issue and continue saving with your card, we recommend deleting and re-adding your card to re-authorize it on your account.

Kindly follow these steps to delete and re-add your debit card;

1. Click your picture on your homepage

2. Select Payment

3. Select CARD and delete the card

4. Click the +

5. Add your card details

6. Save the details

7. Go to your plan page

8. Tap on edit on your plan

9. Link the card to your plan

10. Change your plan status to active to automate your savings and confirm your other saving details

11. Save the changes made to ensure the card authorization is successful.

Alternatively, you can make top-ups to your Cowrywise account via bank transfer. Here's how:

1. Click on your "Save"
2. Select the category of savings; either regular savings or circle

3. Click on the plan you want to top up

4. Under Add cash, select or type the amount you want to add

5. Click on Switch
6. Select the bank transfer option. A virtual one-time bank account number will be generated for you to transfer to

7. Copy it out and make a transfer to it from your bank mobile app or using your bank's USSD transfer code
8. After making the transfer, click on "I have paid" to confirm the payment.

NB: The one-time account number expires after 20 minutes of its generation and should not be saved as beneficiary or reused for further bank transfers.

Should you require any further assistance or have additional questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our dedicated support team.

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