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At Cowrywise, we strive to provide a seamless and hassle-free saving experience for our users. However, we have noticed intermittent issues with recurring payments using Verve cards. This is not specific to Cowrywise but a general limitation of Verve cards, as they do not support recurring online debits.

To continue using your Verve card on Cowrywise, you will need to continuously delete and re-adding the card on your account. By doing so, you re-authorize the card and enable it for one-time payments. However, please note that recurring payments are not supported with Verve cards.

To ensure a smoother saving experience on Cowrywise, we advise using Mastercard or Visa cards. These card networks generally support recurring online payments and are compatible with our platform. By using a Mastercard or Visa card, you can easily set up recurring payments for your savings plans without any interruptions.

Another viable option is to consider making payments via bank transfers. This method allows you to initiate one-time payments directly from your bank account into your savings plan. It offers a reliable and secure alternative for funding your savings plans without relying on card transactions.

Please follow these steps to have that done;

  1. Go to Save on the home page

  2. Click on Regular

  3. Select the specific plan you're referring to, under the prompt to add cash, select the amount you want to save

  4. Choose bank transfer as a payment option. A temporary account number will be generated for you.

  5. Proceed to make payment to the account number immediately as it expires after 20 minutes.

Should you require further assistance or clarification, please reach out to our support team. We are committed to providing you with a smooth and convenient saving experience on Cowrywise.


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