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All about processing fees attached to emergency plans and mutual fund investments
All about processing fees attached to emergency plans and mutual fund investments
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Cowrywise offers a convenient platform for saving and investing, providing users with opportunities to grow their wealth. However, it's essential to be aware of the processing fees associated with certain plans and investments on Cowrywise. There is a 1.5% processing fee charged when saving in an Emergency plan or investing in a Naira mutual fund.

When you choose to save in an Emergency plan or invest in a Naira mutual fund on Cowrywise, a processing fee of 1.5% applies. This fee ensures the smooth facilitation of your investment and is subject to specific caps depending on your chosen payment method.

Debit Card Payment: If you opt to use your debit card for transactions, the processing fee is capped at N2000. This means that regardless of the investment amount, you will not be charged more than N2000 in processing fees when using your debit card.

Bank Transfer or Stash Usage: For transactions made through bank transfers or from your Cowrywise Stash account, the processing fee is capped at N250. This fee structure allows for flexibility and affordability, providing an attractive alternative to traditional investment methods.

It is important to note that these processing fees are charged by our payment processor, not by Cowrywise directly. By utilizing the services of a payment processor, we ensure a seamless investment process compared to the more cumbersome traditional methods.

The funds you invest in through Cowrywise, particularly the Naira mutual funds, are allocated to money market funds. These funds are specifically designed to generate attractive returns while maintaining liquidity and stability.

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