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How much interest is offered?
How much interest is offered?

Cowrywise offers rates from T-bills, government bonds and commercial papers.

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The interest rates on our Savings Plans are derived from treasury bills and government bonds.

At the point of creating a plan, we'll show you the current rate and potential earnings. We show these calculations because full transparency matters to us. Once a plan is created, the annual interest rate sticks till maturity; it doesn't change. 

This annual interest rate is computed daily and added to your plan daily based on your saving balance.

For a duration of less than a year, the per annum (annual) interest rate is prorated over the said period and broken down to daily returns so you can monitor it on your app.

For example, if a plan commands 5% interest per annum, this rate will be prorated to give you a daily return of 5% / 12 multiplied by your principal over the duration of the plan.

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