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How to unsubscribe from our mail
How to unsubscribe from our mail
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At Cowrywise, we value your preferences and strive to provide you with relevant information through our email communications. However, we understand that there may be instances where you wish to unsubscribe from receiving our emails.

To unsubscribe from our email communications, simply locate the "unsubscribe" option located at the bottom of any Cowrywise email you have received. By clicking on this link, you will be directed to the unsubscribe page, where you can confirm your decision to opt out of future emails from Cowrywise

It's important to note that by unsubscribing from all Cowrywise emails, you will no longer receive transaction notifications from us. Transaction notifications serve as valuable updates regarding your financial activities and account status. Therefore, if you choose to unsubscribe, please consider the impact it may have on staying informed about your transactions.

While we respect your decision to unsubscribe, we are keen to understand the reasons behind it. Your feedback helps us improve our services and tailor our communications to better meet your needs. We appreciate your time and would be grateful if you could share your thoughts on why you wish to unsubscribe from Cowrywise emails. Your feedback will contribute to enhancing our user experience and ensure that we address any concerns you may have.

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