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All you need to know about your flagged account
All you need to know about your flagged account
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At Cowrywise, we prioritize the security and protection of our users' accounts and funds. Our robust system is designed to detect and flag any irregular activities associated with an account, triggering an automatic protective measure. If you have received an email from us regarding your account, there's no need to worry. To ensure the safety of your account, Cowrywise's system continuously monitors for any irregular actions. These actions can range from suspicious login attempts to unusual transactions. Whenever our system detects such activities, it automatically flags the account to protect it from potential risks or unauthorized access. This proactive measure aims to safeguard your funds and maintain the overall security of the platform.

If your account has been flagged for any reason, you should have received an email notification from Cowrywise. This email will contain this resolution form to address the flagged issue. After submitting the form, inform our team by contacting us through the appropriate channel. This will allow us to track your submission and expedite the resolution process. You can reach out to us via email or phone, using the contact details provided on our website or app.

Promptly filling out the resolution form is crucial for ensuring a swift resolution to the flagged issue. Our dedicated team will review your submission and take appropriate action to address the concern. By actively participating in the resolution process, you contribute to the security and smooth functioning of your Cowrywise account.

We appreciate your cooperation in ensuring a secure and hassle-free experience on Cowrywise.

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