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The resolution timeline for a flagged account
The resolution timeline for a flagged account
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The safety and security of our users' accounts are of paramount importance to us. We have implemented a comprehensive security software system that constantly monitors and safeguards user accounts.

Our security software system is designed to detect any irregular activity or suspicious behaviour within user accounts. When such activity is identified, the system automatically flags the account to ensure its protection. The purpose of account flagging is to promptly address potential security concerns and prevent unauthorized access to user funds.

If your Cowrywise account is flagged, we will promptly notify you via email about the flagged status. We kindly request you to check your mailbox, including spam or junk folders, for an email from us.

The email you receive will contain this form that requires your attention. It is important to fill out this form accurately and promptly to initiate the review process.

Once you have submitted the required form, our team will diligently review your account and the associated details. Please note that the review process typically takes between 24 working hours and 14 working days.

We appreciate your trust in Cowrywise and remain dedicated to maintaining the utmost security and integrity of your financial assets.

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