Saving/investing on Cowrywise is very easy. You just need to set up instructions and we will take charge based on those instructions.

You can choose to create either a Savings plan or a Mutual fund investment plan depending on your preferences. All our customers have a Stash account which is a virtual account within your Cowrywise account.

So I don't confuse you, I'll briefly explain each of these terms;

  1. Savings Plans: These plans allow you to commit to a long-term savings target on your terms and depending on your saving goals, we have several options to meet your need. These plans require you to lock down your savings for a minimum duration of 3 months to ensure discipline and effective investments. You earn returns here based on the duration of the plan.

  2. Mutual Fund Investments: These are more liquid options of investments, where the funds are not locked down and so can be accessed as cash after about 48 hours of the request. You can build emergency funds with the low-risk options of these funds.

  3. Stash: This is a virtual account, that allows you to move funds in and out of your Cowrywise account. You can make transfers either to your bank account (transfer fee is NGN25) or to any Cowrywise user for free. Stash can also be used to fund your savings or investment plans on Cowrywise.

Now that we have explained all that; how then do you set these plans up as a new customer? No worries, I've got you covered;

For Savings Plans, please watch this 59-second video that explains it clearly

For Investments, it is equally as easy. See this short video clip

If you need further help after going through this article, please send a mail to my team at or call 09030000857.

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