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Types of Investment Plans on Cowrywise
Types of Investment Plans on Cowrywise

You have various investment options to choose from to enable you make smart financial decisions towards meeting your goals

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Mutual funds are a type of investment that allows you to invest in different kinds of assets at once with as little paperwork as possible. It’s a basket of different investments to form one asset group.

At Cowrywise, we make it possible for anyone to begin investing with as little as N1,000 in Nigerian mutual funds or $10 equivalent in Dollar mutual funds and get returns.

To begin investing on Cowrywise, simply

  • select the invest in dollar or naira mutual funds option on the home screen or

  • swipe to the investment page on the plan screen and tap the button there.

You'll see a list of options to choose from. If you're unsure which option to pick from the list of available funds, there's a short risk assessment you can take. The results of this assessment will help us suggest the funds you can invest in.

Our listed mutual funds are grouped into three risk levels:

Conservative (Low Risk): Funds in this category are majorly money market funds. With these types of funds, a unit's price does not change, meaning that your capital will be intact and preserved. The returns rate, however, is subject to change on a daily basis.

Moderate (Medium Risk): These funds are usually a mix of both low-risk and high-risk instruments. The mode of earning is usually through capital appreciation as the price of a unit is likely to change daily. Due to the price change, your capital is prone to increase or decrease.

Aggressive (High Risk): These funds are usually equities (that is, stocks). Equity funds invest your money in shares of well-performing companies. Just like the medium-risk funds, the mode of earning is usually through capital appreciation as the price of a unit is likely to change.

We have several funds listed under each category, you can choose any based on your preference and risk appetite.

Once you’ve chosen a fund, all you need do is buy some units of the fund to have your money invested. You can also specify if you want to automate your investment or just want to put in a specific amount and buy more units whenever you want.

You can learn more about mutual funds here 

See this short video clip on how to buy mutual funds with Cowrywise

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