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What are Badges and what do they mean
What are Badges and what do they mean

A way to track your money heath on Cowrywise

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Have you ever reached a milestone and gotten recognised for it? Or set a goal and achieved it? That feeling of getting accolades for a job well done is second to none. Just bliss 🎉

At Cowrywise, we not only focus on creating consistent savings and investment habits for you, but we also believe that you should be awarded for every milestone achieved.

Say hello to our “Money badges”, specially created to celebrate achievements made on your Cowrywise account.

Currently, we have 12 badges on Cowrywise–each with varying levels. These badges spread across your Cowrywise net-worth, returns, dollar investments, naira investments, circles, referrals, and anniversaries. Collectively, they frame out a picture of your money's health with the fitness score.

Do you want to know how well you have been performing at Cowrywise? Here are the steps you should take to view the badges earned;

  1. From the home screen of your app, tap on your profile

  2. Swipe to the Behaviour page to view your badges earned

  3. Tap on "view all" to see the rest of the badges you can earn on Cowrywise

Each badge can be earned when you take certain money actions. Here is a list of all the badges;

  1. Money Stepper - to celebrate milestones related to your Cowrywise balance.

  2. The Harvester - this celebrates the fruit of returns; your harvest.

  3. Benjamin$ - for the moment you go international and make certain deposits into your dollar fund you earn this.

  4. Savvy Investor - the first-timer’s badge. It comes with your first mutual fund investment.

  5. Brave One - this is reserved explicitly for those who try out equity funds.

  6. Pack Leader - topping a Savings Challenge is tough. If you top till maturity, you earn this.

  7. The Benevolent - you can earn this when you make a donation.

  8. Anniversary badges - for those who grow with us. There are currently three of these badges.

  9. Ambassador of Funds - asides the fee waiver you get when you refer someone to Cowrywise, this gives you a bragging right that you actually helped Cowrywise grow.

  10. Savings Score - this is an old metric. It measures your performance with your savings goals.

The aim of these badges is to help track and measure your financial growth in an exciting and competitive way, thus giving you a better bragging right.

Pretty cool, right? 💃🏻

Share your badges on social media and tag us @cowrywise on all channels. We'd like to see your Stash of badges 🎉

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