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Updated minimum amount to save/invest on Cowrywise.
Updated minimum amount to save/invest on Cowrywise.
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Recently, we conducted a comprehensive review of our offerings with the aim of helping our users become more intentional and successful in their savings endeavours. As a result, we have made adjustments to the minimum amount requirements on Cowrywise.

To foster a more deliberate and challenging approach to savings, we have increased the minimum periodic amount that can be saved or invested in your Cowrywise account to N1,000. This adjustment reflects our commitment to encouraging disciplined and goal-oriented saving habits among our users.

If the current minimum amount poses a challenge to your daily savings routine, we recommend editing your plan to save your previous daily sum on a weekly or monthly basis. This adjustment will allow you to continue working towards your savings goals while accommodating the revised minimum amount requirement.

For instance, let's say you were saving N300 daily. You can modify your savings frequency to weekly and set the amount to N2,100, which is equivalent to what you would have saved in a week at the previous daily rate. This flexibility ensures that you can adapt your savings plan to align with your financial preferences and optimize your journey towards achieving your savings objectives.

The underlying objective of these changes is to empower you to reach your savings goals more efficiently. By setting higher minimum amounts, we aim to challenge and motivate you to be more deliberate and intentional with your savings. We believe that this strategic approach will enable you to make significant progress towards your financial aspirations and create a stronger foundation for your future.

Remember, our ultimate goal is to help you reach your savings objectives faster and empower you to build a stronger financial future. Thank you for your trust in Cowrywise, and we look forward to supporting you on your savings journey.


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