You know we've often received questions like these:

Who is Paystack?

Is your Company working with Monnify

Please I need to be sure what FLW means, are you working together?

Allow me break this down

Paystack, Monnify and Flutterwave (FLW) are payment partners we work with in order for you to enjoy a seamless experience. Why? Well, we're not a bank, we're a Savings and Investment platform and in order for us to accept payments and process withdrawals, we'll need a channel. These payment partners act as channels to make such activities possible. Do you understand now 🤓?

So, next time you see PSTK IKEJA, PAYSTACK, MONNIFY or FLW in your payment description, rest assured that we are working together to help you save and invest. In other words, do not panic 🤗.

You may have received a debit alert for a payment you're not quite sure of. Paystack has a channel for you to look this up easily - simply enter the details of the debit here. You'd be provided with the name of the company the payment was made to.

In the rare case that your payment does not reflect on the Cowrywise app, please reach out to us with the following:

  • the debit alert you received

  • the email address linked to your Cowrywise account

  • if you made a bank transfer, please share the source account and destination account details as well.

We'll be happy to look into it for you 💙

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