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FAQ on Cowrywise
FAQ on Cowrywise

These are some of the top questions asked about Cowrywise

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How much can I save on Cowrywise?

You can start your saving plans with as low as ₦1000. We do not have an upper limit. You have a billion Naira you want to save with us? Please go ahead.

How frequently can I save?

You can set your saving plan(s) to be daily, weekly or monthly. You only need to specify this once and Cowrywise ensures money is saved automatically on specified days into your Cowrywise account.

How many plans can I create?

You can create as many saving plans as you wish. Housing Plan, Car Plan, Wedding Plan, Education Plan, Children Plan, Vacation Plan and so on. You have the flexibility to give each plan a unique name that resonates with your saving goals.

How long can I keep my savings with Cowrywise?

There is a minimum duration of 90 days and no maximum limit. You can keep your savings with us for as long as you wish. Remember, we make every day count by making your savings earn returns daily.

Can I pause my saving for some time?

Yes. You can do that with the click of a button. Edit your savings plan and change the plan status to “paused” on our user-friendly dashboard. Once you do this, all automated savings on your account are immediately put on hold. You can reactivate your plans once you are ready to continue.
This does not limit manual saving which can be done into your plan anytime.

When does my saving begin to earn returns?

Your savings starts to earn returns the midnight after 24 hours of your first saving on Cowrywise and on daily basis thereafter. Your daily returns are credited to your Cowrywise account at midnight each day.

Can I monitor my savings and returns?

Absolutely. Our dashboard was designed with this objective in mind. You can monitor the progress of your savings and returns on daily basis on our interactive dashboard. Besides, we also push instant notifications to your verified email address and phone on key transactions on your Cowrywise account, so nothing goes unnoticed or unapproved by you.

When can I withdraw my savings?

As soon as your plan matures on the date you choose, you can withdraw or rollover your savings together with your interests. Withdrawals are made to your bank account.

What rate of return do I earn on my savings?

Our rates are drawn from the instruments we help you invest in. The instruments are treasury bills, commercial papers and government bonds. Before you create a plan, we’ll show you the prevailing rate and how much you stand to earn. Here’s a little secret, it’s always going to be better than your bank’s savings rate.

What rate of return do I earn on my savings?

Mutual funds pool money from various small investors to make massive investments at once.
The common ones are equity funds, fixed-income funds, and balanced funds. Equity funds invest your money in shares of high-flying companies that are carefully selected. While fixed-income funds invest in low-risk investments that are backed by a promise — government debt for instance; in which the government borrows x and agrees to pay back with a certain percentage. Finally, balanced funds. As the name suggests, they mix the earlier options.

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