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Disabling your Cowrywise Account
Disabling your Cowrywise Account

Think of this as the first aid you need to secure your account when you notice unusual activities on your account.

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Staying true to our commitment of maximum security for your funds on Cowrywise, we recently added a feature on the app that allows you to disable your account when you suspect any irregular activities or you're unsure about the safety of your account.

When you think of the disable account feature, think of the first aid you need before getting to the hospital for proper medical attention.

When to disable your account

  1. You suspect someone hacked into your email address; because your email address is linked to your Cowrywise account, we advise that you protect it just as much as you'd protect your Cowrywise account. If you notice any unusual activity on your email address, we advise you to disable your account to protect your Cowrywise account from being accessed.

  2. When you lose your phone and are unsure of the security of your passwords; should you lose your phone and you suspect the thieves may have access to your details on your lost phone? Quickly look for a way to login into your account using the web ( and disable your account pending the time you are sure everything is fine.

  3. When you notice unusual transactions on your account or changes in your profile that were not made by you or you receive a sign-in notification from another device that is not yours. To protect your account, disable your account quickly.

Don't disable your account if

  1. You want to access your funds before the maturity date. Disabling your account DOES NOT give you access to the funds in your locked plans before the maturity date, so do not disable your account for this reason
    NOTE: Funds in a locked savings plan cannot be accessed until the maturity date.

  2. You want to clear your details on Cowrywise. Disabling your account DOES NOT clear out your details; if you need to do this, please contact the support team.

  3. You want to delete your account. Disabling your account DOES NOT delete an account; disabling an account only gives limited access to the account.

How to disable your account

  1. Login to your account

  2. Go to Profile, that's your picture or the avatar on the homepage

  3. Select Profile and click on Security

  4. Select disable your account and follow through with the process

Now that you've disabled your account, what's next?

Click this link and fill out the form then contact support for further assistance.

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