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2FA Invalid Token (iOS)
2FA Invalid Token (iOS)
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Securing your Cowrywise account with two-factor authentication is a vital step in protecting your financial assets and transactions.

Have you recently encountered an "invalid token" error message while attempting to input the token code generated by your authenticator app during a withdrawal from your Cowrywise account? If you are using an iOS device, this issue may arise due to the presence of multiple profiles on your authenticator app.

To begin, please verify the number of profiles you have on your authenticator app. If you have more than one profile, it is recommended to delete all profiles associated with Cowrywise.

After deleting all profiles, proceed to turn off 2FA on your Cowrywise app. This action will temporarily disable the 2FA feature. Once the deactivation is complete, you can turn on 2FA again, ensuring you have only one profile-generating token on your authenticator app.

Following the successful setup of 2FA with a single profile-generating token, you can proceed to withdraw funds from your Cowrywise account. This new token will generate secure codes for accessing your account, adding an additional layer of protection against unauthorized access.

You can read this article to learn more about 2FA on Cowrywise.


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