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Erroneous transfer to an expired VA
Erroneous transfer to an expired VA
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If you recently attempted to fund your savings plan using a one-time account number but encountered difficulties, we are here to assist you. Did you attempt to fund your savings plan using a one-time account number you generated a while ago? If you did, it appears you likely paid into an account that had already expired.

Virtual accounts generated for one-time payments on Cowrywise have a limited lifespan before they expire. Once an account number expires, it is reassigned to another merchant, and any payments made to the expired account cannot be received by Cowrywise.

To address this issue and possibly help resolve the matter, we kindly ask you to reach out to our dedicated support team. Providing them with the following details will enable us to bring this matter to the attention of our payment partners, who will then contact the merchant involved:

  1. A screenshot of the debit notification received

  2. The bank account details the transfer was made from

  3. The bank account number you made the transfer to.

  4. The 30-digit session ID for the transaction (A session ID is a unique 30-digit number generated for all transfers and it can be gotten from your bank or on the transaction details on your mobile banking app)

It is important to note that we cannot guarantee a successful recall of the payment since it was not received by Cowrywise directly. However, by providing the necessary information, we can liaise with our payment partners to initiate the appropriate actions. Our team will keep you informed of any updates we receive regarding the status of your payment.

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