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Pending withdrawal
Pending withdrawal
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Withdrawals on Cowrywise now have to pass through a disbursement service, which will take 24 hours to process, giving us more time to validate and successfully process your withdrawal request.

When a withdrawal is pending on Cowrywise beyond 24 hours, two scenarios can occur:

  1. Successful Processing: In this case, the withdrawal request is successfully processed, and the value of the withdrawal is credited to the beneficiary bank. This means that the funds will be available in the recipient's bank account.

  2. Failed Transaction and Reversal: Sometimes, a withdrawal may fail due to unforeseen circumstances. In such instances, an automated reversal process takes place, and you can then go ahead to retry the attempt.

If you find that your withdrawal has been pending beyond the extended 24-hour period, we recommend reaching out to our dedicated support team. They will investigate the issue further and provide you with the necessary assistance. Our goal is to resolve any concerns promptly and ensure your withdrawal is processed successfully.

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