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How to withdraw your mutual funds on Cowrywise
How to withdraw your mutual funds on Cowrywise

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Now that you have watched your money work for you, you probably have a good idea of how mutual funds work on Cowrywise. As with any investment, there comes a time when redemption is important, due to several reasons. This is totally understandable.

How then do you withdraw your mutual funds on Cowrywise? You sell your units 🀩.

  • Log in and click Invest on the home page

  • Choose your mutual fund category - Naira or Dollar Funds

  • Select the mutual fund that you want to sell

  • Tap on the three-dotted icon on the top right of the page

  • Tap on Sell Units and specify the number of units you'd like to sell

  • Confirm the sale

Hold still 🀚🏽 at this stage, because your units will need some time to get processed. It takes approximately 6 working hours for the process to be done. This is excluding weekends and public holidays. These units will get processed as cash and paid to your Stash πŸ’°

Everyone loves the sound of credit alerts 😍. Go ahead and do with these funds what you want - invest in another mutual fund, top-up your savings plan or withdraw to your bank account.

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