Emergency Emergency, you never see me coming through... 🎶

That's absolutely right! We never see emergencies coming, we make beautiful plans but a lot of times, fail to plan for unforeseen circumstances. Sometimes, we are too hopeful to allow the thought that things may thwart our well-thought out plans. Hope is a good thing but I'll do you one better - planning for emergencies is a great thing, one of the best things you can do for yourself, I dare say 💪.

How do you plan for emergencies? You save 6 times your monthly expenses - this will help you stay afloat, in the event of, say, a job loss or an inability to access funds for a period of time. What am I asking you to do? I'm asking you to take advantage of the Emergency Fund on Cowrywise, clearly 👀 Emergencies are most times unplanned for and planning ahead does give a hedge.

The Emergency fund is one of the less restrictive plans we have on Cowrywise, what I mean is withdraw funds easily when real emergencies come up, aka, no maturity dates 👏.

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