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What is Cowrywise about?
What is Cowrywise about?

What does Cowrywise do?

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Cowrywise aims to be your personal financial manager to help you build wealth via consistent and disciplined savings and investments. This is made seamless for you by automating your Plan once you create a plan and select your preferred amount either daily, weekly or monthly.
While setting up your saving plan, you have to lock your plan (by choosing a withdrawal date) to ensure extra discipline and effective investment of your saved funds. After the set duration, your plan is then unlocked for withdrawals or continuous investments.

Cowrywise also offers Mutual Fund Investments, which come in different risk levels based on your risk appetite. Low-risk investments, medium-risk, balanced funds and high-risk investments. A tool is available for you to test your investment knowledge and get investment suggestions for you. You can read more about Mutual fund investments on our blog page.

Please read this to understand more about us.

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