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How to set up a Halal account
How to set up a Halal account
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We strive to provide personalized financial solutions that accommodate the diverse needs and beliefs of our users. For our Muslim users who prefer not to earn interest on their savings in accordance with Islamic principles, we offer the option to set up a halal account.

This feature allows our Muslim users to align their savings with their religious beliefs by disabling interest earnings on their savings.

On Cowrywise. you can now make your account a halal account, that way, we only show you halal-compliant assets and disable interests on your savings.

You can do this if you are yet to have a Cowrywise account; at the point of sign-up, there is an option to make your account a halal account.

Click on the switch to enable halal on your account

However, if you already created your account, here are the steps to make your account a halal account.

  1. Go to homepage

  2. Click on your picture

  3. Click on Profile

  4. Select Behaviour

  5. Scroll down, you'd see make my account halal, click on the switch to turn it on

  6. Follow through to complete the process.

By setting up a halal account, you can ensure that your savings are invested in halal-compliant assets, and interest earnings are disabled.

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