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When Will My Matured Plan be Unlocked?
When Will My Matured Plan be Unlocked?
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At Cowrywise, we strive to provide our users with seamless and transparent savings experience. One key aspect of this experience is the automatic unlocking of savings plans upon maturity. Once your savings plan reaches its set maturity date, it will be automatically unlocked for you to have access your funds, the unlocking process begins from 12:10 a.m onwards on the maturity date.

To keep you informed about the maturity of your savings plan, An email notification will be sent on the specified maturity date, this email serves as a reminder that your plan is now matured and ready for you to access your funds.

Once you receive the email notification confirming the maturity of your savings plan, you will be granted access to the funds within the plan. Please note that the timing of when you receive access may vary, ranging from a few minutes to a couple of hours after receiving the email.

It's important to remember that as long as your savings plan has reached its maturity date and you have received the email notification, you will access the funds in the plan.

To make a withdrawal from your mature plan, please go through the steps outlined in this article.


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