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How to withdraw from a locked savings plan
How to withdraw from a locked savings plan

Do you have an emergency and need to withdraw the funds in your locked savings plan?

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When you choose to lock your funds in a savings plan on Cowrywise, it means you have committed to a specific duration until the maturity date of the plan. During this period, your funds are securely invested and cannot be withdrawn before the maturity date arrives. This approach ensures that your savings have ample time to generate returns and grow, increasing the likelihood of achieving your long-term financial goals. While we understand the urgency of your current need, the locked savings feature is designed to help you maintain discipline and maximize the benefits of long-term savings.

While locked savings plans are designed for long-term financial goals, we also recognize the need for immediate access to funds during emergencies. To address this, Cowrywise offers less restrictive savings options such as the Emergency Plan. This plan allows you to save specifically for emergencies and provides the flexibility to withdraw funds anytime you have an urgent need. You can learn more about the Emergency Plan here

We understand that the current withdrawal restrictions may cause inconvenience during urgent situations, and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused. Our aim is to provide a secure and disciplined savings environment that supports your long-term financial success. We encourage you to explore the Emergency Plan or consider setting aside a portion of your savings for immediate access to funds when emergencies arise.

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