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Issuer or Switch Inoperative
Issuer or Switch Inoperative

Are you getting this error while trying to add your card?

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What does the error above mean?

This means that your bank or card network is temporarily unavailable due to a downtime.

What can you do about it?

Kindly try this transaction at a later time.

In the interim, you can save via bank transfers. Please follow these steps to do this;

1. Click on the "Save" icon at the bottom of your homepage

2. Select the category of savings; either regular savings or circle

3. Click on the plan you want to top up

4. Under Add cash, select or type the amount you want to add

5. Click on Switch

6. Select the bank transfer option. A virtual one-time bank account number will be generated for you to transfer to

7. Copy it out and make a transfer to it from your bank mobile app or using your bank's USSD transfer code

8. After making the transfer, click on "I have paid" to confirm the payment.

NB: The one-time account number expires after 20 minutes of its generation and should not be saved as beneficiary or reused for further bank transfers.

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